A Minimalist Kentucky Christmas

Living in a 250 Square feet has taught us to really value the outdoors and what it has to offer. For Christmas decor this year, we knew we wanted to decorate and get in the spirit, but we didn't want to buy a bunch of things only to throw them away right after Christmas. So, we all got together and brainstormed. Kentucky has cedar and lots of other evergreen trees growing wild. We had also seen mistletoe up in the trees. The other question was, what are we going to decorate the tree with? The answer, pinecones covered in metallic glitters of course! It was such a fun adventure gathering all of our items, and it turned out beautiful! We have really learned to embrace our tiny living space and have also learned how to get creative. We truly are loving this season of our lives.

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

All our love, The Carter Crew

Marshall, Whitney, Pleas, Nace, Della, Ophelia + Irene

P.S. wish you were here!

Helpful Links

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Kids Hunter Boots: https://amzn.to/2RewiKb