Greenville, South Carolina

We are not super big planners. We love to be spontaneous and go with the flow, and sometimes that means we miss out on some really cool things, but not this time. We truly lucked out when we booked our campsite in Greenville, South Carolina at Paris Mountain State Park. Paris Mountain is a wonderful State Park right in Greenville, and we arrived just in time for Artisphere! Artisphere is an annual, three-day event that celebrates the arts and the area’s rich international and multicultural flair. It’s an event showcasing fine art, music, food, and fun. One of our favorite exhibits was an event called “Art In Action”. Artist Brian Olsen, speed paints a masterpiece choreographed to music on a beautiful stage located in the Reedy River Falls Park. He was phenomenal and the show was nothing short of spectacular! There is nothing more wonderful than seeing someone living their passion. Artisphere is a great event for the whole family, and the best part, is that it’s totally FREE!

Reedy River Falls Park, in downtown Greenville is amazing! It is a beautiful place to visit even if there is nothing going on. We had several picnics there during our stay in Greenville. We also had a chance to visit the Farmer’s Market which was full of lots of local produce and all different varieties of homemade goods. The Children’s Museum and the Greenville Zoo were also a big hit with our whole family.

Paris Mountain State Park has so much to offer. They rent pedal boats, canoe and kayak rentals, hiking and biking trails, fishing and also swimming. We really loved this campground. The boys enjoyed hitting up the biking trails, and we all enjoyed the water activities.

Greenville stole our hearts!

All our love,
The Carter Crew
Marshall, Whitney, Pleas, Nace, Della, Ophelia + Irene

P.S. wish you were here!

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